Improving my workstation

I rearranged my workstation to make room for a new 2021 MacBook Pro 14” M1Max. The MacBook Pro replaced an aging iMac Pro. I use two 27" Eizo CS2740 precision 4k monitors mounted on articulating arms for an uncluttered workspace. Both monitors are color-calibrated to the Adobe RGB colorspace. The color gamut and calibration is excellent.

When I’m not working on my photography, the dual monitor set up is awesome for my work as a financial advisor. The new LED lights on either side can be turned towards me to provide nice lighting for the many Zoom calls and webinars that I do a week in my practice. Since these monitors do not have webcams built-in and I leave my MacBook Pro closed, I now use a Logitech 4k webcam to my webinars and video conference calls.