All Leica, all the time!

Since high school, I have been shooting with Canon cameras. First with film and then eventually with digital pro DSLRs and Canon pro lenses.

On a trip to Italy years ago, I was lugging a backpack with my gear in hot summer weather. It was getting tiring to carry 20 pounds of gear with me everywhere. I had the realization that I needed a smaller and lighter kit.

After much research, as I usually do for big purchases, I moved to Fuji-X cameras and lenses. I sold off all of my Canon gear to finance the purchase of new new system and had money left over.

I loved shooting with the smaller Fuji-X system and upgraded several bodies over the next 4 years. However, in the back of my mind, I always wanted to shoot with Leica since high school, but I could never justify spending the money as Leicas and Leica lenses are very pricy.

In October of 1997, I took the plunge and satisfied a bucket list goal to shoot with Leica by purchasing a Leica M10 and Summicron 35mm and Summilux 50mm prime lenses. I had to relearn how to manually focus as the Leica M system is all about manual focusing and a much simpler and pure shooting experience. After becoming proficient with manual and zone focusing, I was hooked.

I sold off my Fuji-X gear to finance the purchase of a second M10 body and few more Leica prime lenses. By the spring of 2018, I was all Leica, all the time. I proudly checked this box off of my bucket list.

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